Thursday, 27 June 2013

A Comprehensive Review Of Blurb

Blurb is a book printing website that allows people to create any type of book they wish, be it text or photographic. They can design the book to suit their taste or needs and then print it or share it online with their friends and family. Blurb allows users to be creative and exercise their design potential. However, it also gives those users with little design experience a professional finish by providing numerous templates and instructions.

Giving the gift of a personally made book is wonderfully thoughtful for friends and family. The self-publishing aspect of this website is also great for those creative individuals such as photographers or writers who need a forum to get their work seen by the public. On the site, users can decide between printing very low quantities of their project or printing in bulk as necessary.

The finished result at this website is one of bookstore quality. This is good to know, as ordering printed items from the Internet can not always be a guaranteed success, though there may be an abundance of options. Users of this website can choose from a range of printing options that allow them to personalize their project as much as possible, instead of having all end products looking the same due to few options.

Someone looking to print can choose either a soft cover, a hard cover or Imagewrap. The latter is a very professional option which gives the sturdiness of a hardcover book, without the hassle of a cover sleeve to wrap it in that may keep moving or falling off. The cover image is actually printed onto the hardcover of the book.

Paper is such an important aspect of a high quality product in print. Blurb provides a number of options to suit a project's needs in terms of weight and finish. Photographic images may look better on a particular type of paper than on others. Finishes available range from matte to glossy, or the new and sophisticated luster option, which is the perfect combination of the previously mentioned finishes.

Also incredibly important is the binding of a book. The usual options are available on this site to ensure that users get exactly what they need for their project to last them years and stay looking great. Library binding is used specifically for hardcover projects, whereas perfect binding is used on softcover books. Users can decide on the type of end sheets they want to frame the book.

The many size options available to users on the website are great. Square books can range from 7x7 inches to 12x12 inches. Other than the square books, buyers can opt for portrait or landscape products, in either standard sizes or large. There are also options for pocket sized books and trade size.

All in all, blurb is definitely the site to visit for efficient and effective book printing. The site offers programs to help build a project from start to finish using tips and templates at no extra charge. There are also additional features that help those looking to self-publish their work get a platform from which to promote and sell their books online. Don't forget also that Blurb regular offer coupon codes which you can claim at as well as read further reviews of this great product.

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