Thursday, 27 June 2013

Mixbook Provides A Way To Retain Some Amazing Memories

It feels like yesterday that you got married, yet it is already a year ago and you will experience it all again, with the memories mixbook provides. The past year has flown by and in a short time it is your first wedding anniversary. Nowadays time seems of no significance anymore as you simply cannot keep up with it.

The first wedding anniversary is supposed to be celebrated with a gift of paper. This is an easy enough gift to give as you have many options such as novels, journals and many other things made of paper. But this being the first one, you want to make it special.

This is the prime time to make use of that on line company that makes up memory books for such occasions. They do this all electronically and all you need is pictures which you will strategically place. Once all the pictures are in place the company makes a book of them for you.

For starters you will have to browse through all the pictures of that time period. You will want to start with a picture of your ticket stub, all the way from the days at the amazing game reserve, where you went down on one knee and proposed. As well as that one, you will want the one of your engagement ring and the two glass fulls of champagne.

Afterwards, there will have to be a picture of the wedding invitation, as well as a nice snap of the bride's dress with the bouquet. The same bunch which found its way straight into the bridesmaid's hands when it was thrown into the crowd. The stunning one with the in-laws in it will make for a special memory.

The pictures of the bridesmaids and the groomsmen are a must for the book and no memory will be complete without those of the page boy and the flower girls. Of course the photographs taken of the two of you by the church are compulsory for such a book. The one of the horse drawn carriage is also a definite must for this one.

No respectable memory book can go without the pictures of the swan ice sculpture or the wedding cake which was such a hit with everyone. The picture of the two of you in the back seat of the limo you rented to get you to the jet simply has to go into this one. All these snap shots make it seem as if were just yesterday that it all happened.

To end the mixbook booklet, you want the picture of the inside of the jet you chartered as well as the ones you took of your wife at the lodge. In those, she was bottle feeding an orphaned lion cub. You cannot exclude the picture of the herd of wildebeest when they came down to the watering hole early one morning. They bring back such vivid memories of that day. Then of course you simply have to have a picture of the over- sized jersey she knitted for you for the winter with the bears on it.

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